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Kentel daou

Soazig eo, n'eo ket Nolwenn

== Lesson 2 == It is / it isn't


Y1. Piv ? Petra ?

Piv is used for asking about people, Petra for asking about things :
- Piv eo ar paotr-se ? Petra eo an dra-se ?


Y2. Eo / N'eo ket

The 3rd person singular of the verb bezañ (to be), can be translated byr : he, she, it is / is not.
Yann eo, n'eo ket Ronan.
Note the position of the affirmative and negative verb in the sentence.
Eo is also used to reply positively to any negative question.

Y3. I don't know, you don't know

These are the negative forms of the verb gouzout (to know). (The affirmative form is introduced in Kentel 20 and is dealt with in Kentel 21.)

Y4. Definite and indefinite articles

The indefinite articles un, ur, correspond to the definite articles an, ar. (See 'The Article', Kentel 3.)

Y5. -se

This is a demonstrative pronoun (=that) :
ar paotr-se
ar plac'h-se
The demonstrative can be added to the end of a noun preceded by the definite article.

Y6. Ha, hag

ha is used before a consonant and hag is used before a vowel.
Herve hag Anna
Soaz ha Yann
Note that /j/ is a consonant.

Y7. Yes

Ya means yes, but eo is used for yes when replying to a negative question.
-Anna eo? -Ya, Anna eo.
-N'eo ket Soazig? -Eo! Soazig eo.

Y8. No

Nann is the opposite of eo (=yes) and is used only in reply to a negative question.
-N'eo ket Nolwenn? -Nann, n'eo ket.
Watch out! There are other ways of saying no when replying to affirmative questions (N'eo ket...). These will be introduced gradually.
Kentel daou
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