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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

Goulenn 1

I can't hear the dialogues. What do I need to do?

The recordings are in MP3 format, which is the best compromise available between loading time and sound quality. To hear them, you need software that reads this format. There are so many of them available for all platforms that we can't give you references to them all here. Just enter "MP3 Player" in your favourite search engine.

Goulenn 2

What is eXtrans ?

It's a piece of software developed by Romuald Texier, that we use to make site management easier by separating form and content. The content of the site is described semantically using XML language and DTDs (Document Type Definitions) that we have written especially for it. This abstract description of the document is entirely independent of design, page layout, and choice of type faces, as well as the target medium (HTML, PDF...). The layout and the transformation into the target medium, along with management of references and hyperlinks, is automatically performed by the eXtrans software, following rules set out in a form using the Python language. Even title graphics are generated by this process, with the help of Gimp in server mode. In this way, we can totally change the look of the site without changing the content, just by editing a few style rules. In the same way, we don't have to think about the layout or the medium when we edit the content.

Goulenn 3

Where can I get this wonderful software?

It's available free under an open source licence on the IPROtools website.

Goulenn 4

What are XML and DTDs?

XML is a mark-up languagethat allows you to structure text content according to rules defined in a DTD by specifying the relationships, functions and values of the various elements that make up the document. There are numerous standards (or DTDs) based on XML: HTML, VRML (3D rendering), SVG (vector drawings), RDF...

Goulenn 5

Can you give me some figures?

The French version of Kervarker already contains 44 XML files, which generate 207 HTML files and 48 JPEG title files.

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