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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this service

Goulenn 1

Where does the name Kervarker come from?

Kervarker, known in French as Theodore Hersart de la Villemarqué, was a 19th century writer, who first brought the Breton language to the attention of modern Europe, admittedly in the context of the Romantic movement, with the publication of a collection of old songs and stories in verse in the oral tradition, titled Barzhaz Breizh

Goulenn 2

How long has this site been around?

The first pages went on line in May 1995. The domain name was only acquired in November 1998.

Goulenn 3

How does the site survive?

On the efforts of volunteers! The site is non-profit, and it is open to contributions from anyone. If you want to take part, contact the Webmaster (

Goulenn 4

Are you planning a translation service?

The Kervarker team has neither the training nor the resources to offer translation on demand (it's a professional skill). We ask you to post your texts for translation on the forum. By posting to the Kervarker forum, you will increase your chances of finding an available translator.

Goulenn 5

May I add a link to Kervarker on my own website?

Definitely! If you like it, we encourage you to tell your friends about it.

Goulenn 6

May I copy all or part of Kervarker without asking permission?

This site is, like any other intellectual property, and in particular written material, protected by copyright. You may make copies for your own personal use (for instance, so you can consult them off line) or quote brief passages in a citation. In the latter case, it is enough attribute your source.

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